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    Default Rules and Guidelines For Posting

    The Forum Guidelines For Posting
    1. is a forum for Folkish Odinists. We are a Folkish group of Administrators, Moderators and Members. Odinism, also known as Asatru, is the modern expression of the indigenous Folk religion of our Germanic/Northern European ancestors and as such is the natural path for those of Germanic/Northern European descent. We do not believe that Odinism is a universal faith for all and members of this board will respect that view or leave.

    You do NOT need to be an Odinist to be a member of, although we will not tolerate any disrespect. Since Odinism is extremely fascinating and attracts the attention of many who are sincerely interested in learning about the stories, history and traditions, but not in obtaining a belief system, we have opened up the forum to everyone.

    2. No Spamming. That means no useless one or two word posts to raise your post count. Only post if you have something to say. Yes many of us here are friends and we like to sometimes joke around with each other, that’s fine but if you're going to say something, say it with more than one emoticon or word. Try to keep your posts productive or an Administrator or Moderator will delete them.

    3. No trolling. Any posts, which the Mods or Admins deem to have been started purely for the sake of causing an argument or creating unrest, will be deleted and the member may be banned. This rule applies to Heathens and Non Heathens alike. Non-Heathens are welcome to ask valid questions about our faith if they are genuinely interested and respect our right to our own faith. If you come here to start arguments with us or disrupt the harmony of the board in any way you will be IP banned, your name and e-mail will be banned then you will have all of your posts deleted or edited by a Administrator or moderator.

    4. No flaming. If you want to argue with someone, and are unable to do it in a positive manner as befits an Odinist, do it in the "Debate" section of the forum. You should, however, give serious consideration to whether such negative action is really necessary. A moderator will delete any posts in other sections of the forum of a hostile, negative or argumentative nature. If the posts are about a subject worthy of debate then those offending may be asked to temper their language or leave the debate to others. We will not tolerate any slander of Heathen organizations or fellow Heathens of any kind here unless you have physical proof of the accusations you make. If you make a comment on something and you are called on it, be sure to have something to back it up or your Thread/Post will be deleted and you will be put on Moderation.

    5. Know where to post. There are different forums on this board for a reason. Please keep topics in their proper sections, if you want to start a thread about a good folk music group you heard from a friend, please post it in music and entertainment or if you want to talk about a blot you attended please post it in the "Blots and Sumbels" section of the board. Each forum title has some extra text under it to let you know what the forum relates to. Please use common sense to decide where your thread should go or ask a Mod/Admin.

    6. Use the Search Function! Before starting a new thread use the search function to see if there is already a thread about that subject. It is a difficult job trying to keep the forum tidy and multiple threads about the same subject do not help.

    7. Please use proper English and post with a civil tone. Refrain from using vulgar or profane language when posting. This is a Family community and you don’t know if children or other young people are visiting or posting on our forum.

    If you have any questions about these rules or have any other problems please send a Private Message to one of the moderators and we will do our best to help you.

    Thank you.

    Hail The Aesir! Hail The Vanir! Hail Our Folk!

    Also, there is another "Odinist" forum that is absolutely and completely obsessed with They go so far as to ban our members who mistakenly join their forum as well. This is absurd and we allow EVERYONE the right to post here, regardless of what other websites they choose to visit. It is pathetic that they are so consumed with envy over our forum, but their censorship is exactly why they were banned from this forum in the beginning... so why can't they just move on and enjoy their own forum?
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