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    I have very life like ,vivid dreams of my self in a distant past doing odd things like that would be most likely carried out by a person in a village ? or hunter? than i have others of my self aboard a long boat at sea during a storm then i wake up ? i spoke to a person/kinsmen who said i may be ancestral memories ? is that possible ? my family and ancestors hail from greenland and other places near there ? just curious ? HAIL ODIN !!

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    I have dreams like that as well and also have dreams of being burn alive lol
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    What you both describe is not only possible,but actual descriptions of what reknowned analyst and Odian thinker Carl Gustav Jung referred to as Collective Unconscious,the understanding that just as we inherit physical traits from our ancestors we also inherit memories specific to our racial histories,and thus the virtues and visions of those ancestors as well.Dr. Jung spent over sixty years of his life and career invested in attempting to help the world understand that our very psychological health was dependent,NOT upon the Freudian psychologies devised neither by nor for the Aryan Mind(and thus incapable of knowing OUR psyche),on embracing our unique nature as an extraordinary species,one wholly able TO possess the memories of Kings and Queens,Gods and Goddesses reaching as far back as our unfettered minds will permit us....if we are Tru,and Worthy.That you are given to these dreams is a sign full of promise,full of honor too,so see it as the gift it is,use it to work the Siedr it so obviously is.Trance Magick,as I'm sure you know,was the Power of Freyja,a power so impressive to even Odin Himself that He Built this Earth Goddess a palace in the Sky Gods realm!It is an awesome analogy for the Truth that we can all transcend the "impossibilities" of common men and women,if we take those trips into our own minds that show us new horizons.Pay attention to those dreams,my Kin,just might be your ancestors talking!!Hail Odin!


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