FORN SED - A Card Game for Heathen Children

Greetings all! I created a card game for Odinist/Asatruar/Heathen children to help educate them about the lore called Forn Sed "The Old Custom". The cards have pictures of the Gods and Goddesses, and other important characters from the lore. The game plays like Rock, Paper, Scissors.

These cards will be brand new 36 in a deck, plus instruction card, factory made and factory sealed in cellophane inside a poker "tuck box", just like a set of poker cards. The cost is $20 USD per deck, free shipping included in the continental USA.

P.O. Box for checks/money orders:

Please address envelope as follows:

Crooked River Kindred
P.O. Box 29475
Parma, Ohio

Please make checks payable to: Scott Thatcher

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